Hoogeveen is a small town (with about 55.000 inhabitants) in the eastern part of the Netherlands, close to the German border.

The fact that Hoogeveen “originated” from peat is noticeable when you walk through the town. You will find traces everywhere. Many canals were dug in the Golden Age to transport the peat to the west.

In addition to the Hoogeveense Vaart, there was a canal in the middle of the city which was damped and now you have a 250 meters long water artwork going through Main street. The water in the Cascade meanders slowly between the shops.

This is not the part I like the most here but the recently redecorated big square in the middle of the Hoofdstraat with its controversial, striking sitting area.

The center of Hoogeveen has undergone a metamorphosis in the last year, it became greener and cozier.


Things to do in Hoogeveen

If you would like to do something else than shopping then there are plenty of things you can do in this peat mining city. You can visit Korenmolen de Zwaluw.

When you are lucky and there is enough wind and the mill is running, the entire milling process – from grain to flour – is visible to visitors. Since mankind uses technology to mechanically process basic products such as grains, the milling process of windmills has not changed significantly. The basic principle of windmills is today, no different from a thousand years ago. In Korenmolen de Zwaluw, this “ancient process” is illustrated.

If you are addicted to adrenaline then You can go and jump out of an airplane at the local airport. Hoogeveen Airport is a small airport located on Plesmanweg on the edge of Hoogeveen. The airport is mainly used for lessons, recreational flights, gliding, parachuting, and scenic flights.

If you are a nature lover then I would suggest visiting the nature reserve in Dwingelderweld.

Biking around Hoogeveen is also one of our main activities when the weather is nice and we can not come up with other ideas…

Where to eat in Hoogeveen?

Fancy a good meal after a day in Hoogeveen? We tip you Da Luca, where you imagine yourself a little bit in Sardinia. Da Luca is our favorite with its delicious food and drinks in the center of Hoogeveen. Burgundians find a place in Dégust, a tasting room just like you find them in Flanders. If you wish an easy lunch, high tea, or dinner on the water? Then Paviljoen Nijstad is your place. And for a coffee and cake in the afternoon, I would go to the  Grand cafe Marron.

But if you crave for a quick snack then we suggest you try lekkerbek, kibbeling or eat fried shrimps by one of the local fish sellers, like we do every Saturday morning.