Beautiful nature reserve in Dwingelderweld

We live in the Netherlands close to the Beautiful nature reserve Dwingerdelweld, Europe’s largest wet moorland area. Since we decided to make this blog we quite often come here to take pictures of the Night Sky, because light pollution is not that high here as in the city where we live. We also visit this place during the weekends if we need some fresh air and if we want to avoid people because of COVID.

In the Dwingelderveld, you can enjoy many different landscapes, beautiful pine forests, extensive moors, idyllic fens.  You can go hiking, biking, or even horse riding here. One of the special charms of the Dwingelose heathland is a large number of pools. The pictures were taken near one of them.

The cover image I made in Photoshop. The best way to make these polar pictures if you have a good panoramic scene, which I couldn’t take with my iPhone, so I decided to glue some images on each other and use it as a panorama picture. I think it’s not that bad at the end.