The best vacation in Crete

We didn’t go on vacation last year, so this year I decided that no matter what happened, I wouldn’t stay home. This was our first real vacation during the COVID epidemic. We struggled to choose the right destination because we wanted to go somewhere where we could also do astrophotography. That’s how we got to …

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

After Nepal Kathmandu, it was a big contrast going to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Kathmandu is colorful, full of history, and religion. On the other hand, it is also full of poverty and crumbling houses. Abu Dhabi is a luxurious cosmopolitan city with skyscrapers, but very sterile. Both of them were a bit …

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Nepal Kathmandu

Nepal Kathmandu

In 2013 we had the chance to travel to Nepal, Kathmandu, the city of many Buddhist and Hindu temples and palaces, religious people en holy gods. The city is located in a valley on the Vishnumati River at 1,350 meters above sea level. You can see here a lot of backpackers because it is also a …

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New York in 5 days

The city that never sleeps, New York is the city of the tallest skyscrapers, the biggest shops, the best museums, and the hippest restaurants. New York surpasses everything, which is why you must see this amazing city at least once in your life. This became clear to me 5 years ago when we had 5 …

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South Africa, Cape Town

In 2014 we had the possibility to visit Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. It has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with beautiful landscapes, an interesting history, excellent restaurants, and good accommodations. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities in the world. Many have already fallen in love with this beautiful …

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Morocco, Marrakech

When my older sister turned 30, I promised her that we would go on vacation together somewhere. She could choose the destination herself. She narrowed down her list to three countries, New York, Dubai, and Morocco. Since I have not been to Morocco yet, but I have been to the other two places, that’s how …

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