Moon and Mars

How to capture the beauty of a planet that dominates the night sky, and it is so bright that even its reflection can be seen in the channels and ponds so numerous in Dutch towns? Mars (upper right in the image, and the water below) will be in opposition with Earth later this October when they are the closest to each other as they both orbit the Sun. We looked for a dark park where we are not disturbed that much by the city lights  – and these places exist even in the Netherlands! The Moon is usually not the astrophotographer’s friend, but this time the cool moonlight on the surrounding vegetation, and even the spooky reflection in the lens, made this picture work for us. Although we love to discover these peaceful spots hidden from city life,  we were not the only ones interested. We felt a bit guilty because we apparently disturbed a couple who also had the idea of looking for a quiet place. Notice the Pleiades on the left in the larger image? It will be one of our next targets.

Better resolution image

Technical data:
Taken on 4 October 2020 in Hoogeveen (NL), see the sign in the middle of the Google map below.
Moon, Mars, and Pleiades rise on the East (to the right in the map below).

Canon EOS 600D on tripod, 18-55mm @ 18mm, f/3.5
ISO 1600, 30 sec
Canon EOS 600D on tripod, Tamron 70-300m at 300mm, f/5.6,
Hoya Starscape light pollution filter, ISO 200, 1/200s