Zucchini carrot zagliatelle

I love noodles and the versatile ways you can prepare them. However, because I prefer to limit the carbs I consume, I needed to find an alternative to pasta.

Of course, I didn’t want to give up on these wonderful dishes, so I decided to replace paste with vegetables.

I make veggie noodles or pasta quite often nowadays. Of course, I know you can call it neither noodles, nor pasta, but I use this healthy alternative to pasta, and that is the reason I call it this way.

It is similar to Zoodles (Zucchini noodle), but because I don’t have a Spiral Slicer I just make the slices with a potato peeler. The shape becomes much wider so you could also call it Zagliatelle (Zucchini tagliatelle).

Actually you can use these vegetable “noodles” as an alternative to any kind of noodle or pasta dish.

I was making spaghetti earlier using this method.