Andromeda, again!

We could not wait to test our new telescope! We set it up in our backyard. Unfortunately, a streetlight directly shines in, and our narrow-band filter has not arrived yet. But we have so much to learn so we started our first practicing session on the night of 6/7 November 2020. The first shock was that …

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Getting a telescope!

Having spent a few weeks experimenting with our camera and wide-angle photography, we decided it is time to get a bit more serious and invest in a telescope. It was not an easy decision because there are so many options depending on your interest, light pollution environment, and your bank account of course. Since we …

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Moon and Mars

How to capture the beauty of a planet that dominates the night sky, and it is so bright that even its reflection can be seen in the channels and ponds so numerous in Dutch towns? Mars (upper right in the image, and the water below) will be in opposition with Earth later this October when …

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