Havelte Hunebed D54

For one of our first projects “in the wild”, we went to visit the Havelte hunebeds D53 and D54, our favourites. These 5000-years structures provide scenic views of the Drentsche landscape during the day, and we thought they would make an excellent foreground for capturing the Milky Way. It was a moonless Saturday night, and …

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Comet Neowise in 2020

More precisely, C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), the comet that made most of us astrophotographers this year, even if for a short while. It was a stunning view from lake Balaton, Hungary. The picture was taken on 20 July from a spot along the shoreline where city lights were a bit less disturbing (but not far from …

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Highway to heaven

This is our adventure in starting with astrophotography. We are full of plans to travel all around the world to take wonderful pictures of faraway cities, landscapes, and skies. Maybe one day. But for now, we are just (mostly) stuck in our home town in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. But at least we have all the …

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